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              1. Pro Classification  


                  Address: West City Industrial Park Dinghai,Zhoushan City,Zhejiang,China

                  Tel: +0086-580-2363797

                  Fax: +0086-580-2364972

                  Mobile: +86-13906804927

                  E-mail: sales@zstaisu.com




                9th Plastivision India 2013
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                9th Plastivision India 2013 Plastic Manufacturers Exhibition

                Our Booth:H42

                Address"International Plastics Exhibition &Conference",Bombay Exhibition Centre - NSE Exhibition ComplexHighway, Goreagon (East)Mumbai - 400 063bIndia
                During December 12th -16th
                During this time(before December 12th), Our production all discount this two month.---- we need samples to show in exhibition , if the customer is willing to offer and share his ordered products as samples, we d like to give them a big discount.