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                What type of injection molding manufacturers screw barrel suitable for use
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                      Common screw on the market have 45 steel, 40Cr steel (chrome), 38CrMoAIA nitriding steel, if your product is + glass words. When using chrome about three months after the will slowly fall off, there color. The most good selection of nitriding stainless steel screw can not do + glass fiber. generally non-specific materials are used more ordinary screw, such as PC \ PMMA \ PA and other materials. screw compression section must long. mutant form of screw generally used to produce crystalline plastic. long compression section of the molten material and the results are good, but a small cut will not lead to local overheating. and the rocket head screw head is also very important.
                      Double-alloy steel screw material for the substrate of high quality SACM645, imported double thread at the top metal layer welding; bimetallic barrel of high quality 38CrMoALA as substrate, after quenching; barrel bore double-together metal centrifugal casting, Bimetallic screw barrel: with wear, corrosion, high temperature, high pressure, applied to the lens, transparent shell, cosmetic container class, transparent acrylic, nylon, PVC, PC, PPA, PPO, PPS, PA6T , LCP, ABS fire, bakelite, PC + glass fiber, nylon + glass fiber, powder, ceramic powder, magnesium powder, iron, electric machines, but also processed products according to user requirements to design custom.