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              1. Pro Classification  


                  Address: West City Industrial Park Dinghai,Zhoushan City,Zhejiang,China

                  Tel: +0086-580-2363797

                  Fax: +0086-580-2364972

                  Mobile: +86-13906804927

                  E-mail: sales@zstaisu.com




                Product Name: Rubber machine barrel / screw

                Classification: Screw & barrel for rubber extruder


                Barrel material:

                1,Cold feed rubber screw and barrel;

                Specification;dia 40-300MM

                Aspect ratio;L/D=8-20

                2,Hot feed rubber screw and barrel;

                Specification;dia 30-250MM

                Aspect ratio;L/D=4-8

                3,Pin-rubber screw and barrel; Specification;dia 60-250MM

                Aspect ratio;L/D=12-18


                Screw types:

                [Different plastic material, you can select the different structures of the screw, can increase the plasticizing effect]Gradient type, mutant, wave barrier, dual type, shunt type, separation, exhaust type, pin type, mixed type, double-, three-, long type.


                Technological Process:

                Blanking→Rough Machining→Quenching & Tempering →Semi Finishing Machining→Finished Product→Detecting→Nitring/Alloy Processed →Finish Machining