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              1. Pro Classification  


                  Address: West City Industrial Park Dinghai,Zhoushan City,Zhejiang,China

                  Tel: +0086-580-2363797

                  Fax: +0086-580-2364972

                  Mobile: +86-13906804927

                  E-mail: sales@zstaisu.com

                >>About Us



                    Zhejiang Zhoushan Taisu Machinery Co., Ltd is a company specialized in manufacturing various kinds of gearboxes, speed reducter, screw, barrel and corresponding accessories for plastic injection molding machines and extrudions. With strong technical force, we have imported advanced equipments specialized for plastic machines and all products are strictly under testing system to ensure the quality.

                    More kinds of materials can be chosen,we have profuse designs with series quality grade, and expressly,because we're manufactory,we're the source.Meanwhile , we can also repair used screw ,barrel and design new structure for customers.

                    We adhere to the business quality and credibility of the company for its life, and we are ready to serve customers with quality products ad warm services, we welcome a wide range of users in variety of ways to connect with us.